Who are we?

OrthoSera is a regenerative medicine company harnessing the power of blood serum for human diseases. We combine our outstanding know-how in cell therapies with the expertise in growth factor research for the development of innovative orthobiologics. Our R&D is currently focused on bone grafting, osteoarthritis, wound healing, as well as dental and orthopedic indications.


Blood serum has a high regenerative potential, and based on this fact OrthoSera has already developed two technologies. BoneAlbumin is essentially a serum albumin enhanced bone allograft that was shown to activate bone marrow stem cells leading to faster and better bone healing. This tissue product is already in commercial stage with two double-blind clinical studies proving its effectiveness. BoneAlbumin is marketed through our subsidiary OrthoSera Dental Kft. in dental indications. Our next technology takes this concept even further, as we use a proprietary method to isolate a specific, growth-factor rich serum fraction (SPRF) that has shown superior effects in promoting cell proliferation in osteoarthritic bone and cartilage cells.